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    Rules and Regulations

    Rules and Regulations
    The enrolled students must follow the following Rules and Regulations of Career Endeavour Academy Pvt. Ltd. without any exceptions, failing which strict disciplinary and legal action will be taken including expulsion from the institute.

    1. Fee Payment:

    1. The student’s need to pay the amount as mentioned in brochure / website at the time of admission only
    2. The student’s can pay the fees through cash or in the form of Demand Draft.

    2. Identity Card:

    1.  Each student will be issued an Identity card after the payment of full fees. The entry of the student into classes Career Endeavour premises will be allowed only with Identity card. For attending the classes, students are requested to collect their Identity cards from admission office before commencement of the batch.4
    2. Student not carrying Career Endeavour Identity card, shall not be permitted to attend the classes under any circumstances.
    3. If the Identity card or fee receipt of the student is lost or misplaced then no duplicate Identity card or fee receipt will be issued to the student.
    4. Identity card must be retained by the students with full caution and safety. It is a very important document and a proof of your association with Career Endeavour. The re-issuing of the identity card will depend on the discretion of the management, considering the circumstances in which the Identity card was lost. Management’s decision regarding the re-issue will be final and abiding. If the management decide to re- issue the Duplicate Identity card, the student will have to submit the valid reason in written with an amount of Rs. 200/- and one recent passport size photograph.

    3. Change of Batch:

    1. The batch or centre, once allotted at the time of admission, will not be changed. Hence, students are advised to discuss batch timings and dates with our Executive/Counselors and accordingly join suitable batches as per the convenience.

    4. Study Material:

    1. Relevant Study material will be distributed to all the students except ex-student of Career Endeavour. Students must collect their study material as and when the announcements are made. After the due dates, Career Endeavour will not be responsible for any issue related to study material.
    2. Study material will be issued at the respective centre of candidate only after showing the ID card and punching of study material into Identity card is compulsory.
    3. Study material is provided for the use of candidates who are enrolled with Career Endeavour and it must not be sold or transferred to other candidates, under any circumstances.

    5. Attendance Policy:

    1.   Students must attend the classes, Regular test and Test Series regularly in their assigned batches and as per the scheduled time table only. Students will be solely responsible for their absence in classes/Test Series. In case of absence, permission to attend missed classes in other batches, is subject to the discretion of management and availability of seats and it is not mandatory for institute to provide back up for missed classes.
    2.  In case of absence in Test Series, no separate question papers will be issued to the students.

    6. General Instructions:

    1.  Students are advised to remain disciplined and show sincerity within the premises of Career Endeavour. If anyone is found guilty of misbehaving with Career Endeavour staff or classmates, fighting, damaging Career Endeavour property or any illegal activity, will be completely debarred from attending the classes and strict legal actions will be taken against him / her.
    2.  Career Endeavour reserves the right to make any alterations in its programs / fees / faculty / venue of classes without any prior notice to anybody. However, all such changes will be well noticed to the students. The decision of Career Endeavour management shall be final and abiding.
    3.  If there is any change in the syllabus during the course of the program, the institute will make all the possible efforts to cover the revised syllabus. However it is not mandatory binding upon the institute.